Recruitment as a Service

The trusted long term partner you need to manage the high touch multi-disciplinary process that is recruiting for people centric businesses.

Every action is taken with a view to best promoting your business as an Employer of Choice, and cognizant of how your recruiting efforts are viewed by the market.

Recruitment as a multi-disciplinary process to ensure success

Recruitment as a Service - RaaS™
Recruitment as a Service – RaaS™

Recruiting is one of the most important functions of a knowledge or service based business. To say that your people are your most important asset does not overstate. So why leave it to chance.

Each search is different, yet they all require the following functions: (i) HR – to define the position, (ii) Marketing – to correctly describe the position in a way that will attract candidates, (iii) Sales- to network on harder positions and to close the candidate, (iv) Coordination, to oversee the handoffs that involve having the right team members at the right time so you get the great fit for your business. For more details, refer to our article entitled: Time for Hunting – Do you have a high-performance recruiting process (click here).

RaaS™ model gives you access to best practices, and processes integrated with the rest of your team, and an experienced recruitment team at a targeted 1/3 savings from regular market rates.

Lumas Inc. - Recruitment as a Service - RaaS™

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What You Get:

  • Single point of contact for your positions; can be integrated with your Human Resources as a service (HRaaS™) contract.
  • Transparency on the process and a guarantee that the appropriate effort and resources are deployed.
  • Coordination with your team and managers to ensure organized participation in the selection, decision and closing process.
  • Market analysis to ensure your position is properly positioned in the market.
  • Real estimates for the time required to find your ideal candidate.
  • Visibility on the recruiting process at each step of the way.
  • Recruiting strategies and campaigns aligned to your resource and business plan.
  • Selection according to Individual, team and organization talent mapping using our unique hrDNA™ framework.
  • A predictable regularized cost model.
  • Include RaaS™ for a turnkey experience in conjunction with HRaaS™.

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RaaS™ – Recruitment as a Service