We take our understanding of people and their unique talents into our recruiting services as well. Identifying candidates based on their talents, passions, and performance, to ensure they are fully engaged and passionate about what they are doing on day 1.

We have broken the old “black box” service models and instead offer an “A la Cart” Style service, where we support wherever your needs are. Working closely with your team to understand your needs, and to allow you to engage with the process every step of the way. The results of our searches are put in your hands giving you the full value of our work.

A-La-Cart Contingency Retainer
Prequoted fee due to amount of work for the search usually reducing the cost by 50% X
Fees linked to employee salary X X
Team integration X
you are part of the selection/deselection process X
You have ownership of the search results X
hrDNA test for talents and team compatibility X
Takes the time to really understand your business and requirements X X
Your search is a priority X X
Rapid turn around time X X
Multiple agencies working on the same position creating confusion in the market X
Skills test based on position X X X
Database of resources X X X
LinkedIn X X X