Recruiting and Talent Management

Lumas inc. has been in the recruiting business since 2002, with 50+ years of combined recruiting experience on our team, we are passionate about helping people/teams/businesses achieve their goals, through greater understanding of themselves and what motivates their performance.

To our candidates, we will take the time to understand your talents and strengths, dreams and ambitions, we also understand the importance of your career path and strive to help you along the journey. Our experienced recruiters and business development people scour our networks to ensure you find the position that’s right for you. To see the kind of positions we have available check out our Job board today. If you don’t see something that is ideal for you today, our recruiters can work with you to see if any of our clients or contacts would be a fit for your unique skills and experience.

To our clients, with our years of experience, perseverance and creativity, we are able to source even the most difficult of technical positions, while also providing a solid understanding of our candidates and what drives them. With this understanding we will help you to build your team of all stars, whether that’s starting from scratch, replacing a valued team member, or hiring for growth.

Building a successful team in today’s business climate can be challenging, from remote workplaces, managing employees for optimal performance during stressful times that are stretching profitability, because of this we offer our clients a flexible agile service, providing as much or as little support as you need. From simple Talent acquisition, to support in developing and maintaining your talent management strategy.


Our consulting service brings our network and industry knowledge right to your planning team, to support you in your startup, acceleration, and growth stages. Helping you build a Talent acquisition and management strategy that’s designed to meet your business goals, and help you build that All Star Team!

Part of that support is our Virtual Crisis Management Teams, who are able to quickly assess risks + gaps in a team’s dynamics that are obstructing your team keeping them from achieving their goals.


Lumas hrDNA Human Capital Diagnostic is our proprietary system that we use in all aspects of our business. It enables organizations to manage change, adaptability, and organizational agility using measurable factors. Helping you put the right people in the right place to deliver immediate value through cost effective solutions that help you drive sales growth and operational efficiency.

We offer this service as part of our consulting support, or as part of a “Personal Journey” analys to individuals. This service has helped clients who want a career change, suffered a job loss, or are just looking to optimize their performance in the workplace.